BB01 Bathroom Scale with Bluetooth Function

App connection weight scale with Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless technology

IoT smart home body weight monitor

  • Bluetooth Wireless Weighing Scale with Free App available downloading from Google Play and App Store.
  • Sync body weight into app, data could be synced to Google Fit and Apple Healt.
  • Data shall be saved in cloud server and deletable, data trends charts in weekly, monthly, quarterly.
Sense On
2 x AAA Bat t ery (included)
App Connection

Weighing Everyday

  • Body weight data and charts
  • BMI calculator and charts
  • Your desired weight
  • Reminder to weight
  • Body data tracker
  • Upto 8 members

App connected BMI scale

Provides you with a detailed body weight and BMI including graphical statistics on your body weight improvements. When connecting your body weight scale, the App will receive data sent from scale and continuously record on your App.


Weighing yourself to keep track.

App Connection
Connection to the smartphone and tablet app.

The perfect companion  for dieting and losing weight.


This BMI calculator is ideally suited as a protocol for dieting, losing weight, muscle building and weight gain. 

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